Its people, its landscape, and its future are all transforming.  As the country continues driving toward integration into the global community, it faces complex challenges in providing its citizens with effective national education, sustainable development, environmental protections, and public health awareness to name a few.

With these challenges in mind, Teachers Across Borders offers an opportunity for international educators to contribute to the professional development of teachers in Myanmar.  Just as it is vital to help students grow, TAB understands that Myanmar teachers must also be given the resources to develop their own teaching skills if they are to help their students.  In order to make impact, we must work together with teachers and students as a  team.  Collaboration, transparency, and open dialogue is key to TAB's success in Myanmar.

TAB has run two workshops in Myanmar so far, working with trainees in Yangon in 2004 and in Nyaung Shwe/Inle Lake in 2013.  TAB uses a peer-to-peer workshop model to instruct teacher trainees on strategies to develop their classroom teaching skills.  We use international workbooks and worksheets, group activities, quizzes, song and rhymes, and other tools to engender learning through creativity.  Come join us as we work with Myanmar teachers on laying a path for educational success!

*Thaton, Myanmar*
Dates: July 12th - July 29th 2018 


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